Mar 31, 2011

DIY invitations and birthday cards

Here's how you can make beautiful custom cards on the cheap!

First gather some card stock.
You can use thin cardboard from cereal boxes, recycle old birthday or Xmas cards or even the covers of coloring books will do.
Yet another option is blank stationary cards from the dollar store. They come in fantastic colors, cover all occasions and give a nice clean cut look. I personally recycle any cards I can before buying new ones...There's just too many materials out there being wasted instead of being reused.
Next, you need your images and glue stick.
You can either print out images and fonts from the computer or make a collage from old magazines. I like using vintage ads from National Geographic.

For a little extra flair try using stamps or stickers!
The perfect final touch!

And there you have it! No need to shell out big bucks for impersonal cards, you can make it yourself! This is one of my favorite projects because it is so cheap, and oh so simple. The possibilities are endless.
Have fun!