Nov 1, 2010

Halloween Happiness

Jeez, I had a bunch of Halloween posts arranged but didn't get around to finishing them...Figures! I always have a dozen or so drafted posts that I rarely get around to sharing.
Well I have some updating to do but here is some Halloween fun to share with you!


I love my pretty pumpkin!
I was very hard up to find a design, I search online for hours for the perfect face or theme but in the end I did what I knew would make me feel good.
A beautiful glowing Omkin would definitely brighten anyone's spirits!
Below the one I carved are three little pumpkins that my daughter decorated. She used crayola markers and Halloween stickers.
Much more than chocolate and candy, I love to see the life of a glowing pumpkin in the night and all of the creativity that Halloween (Samhain) brings.

Another fun way to decorate a pumpkin would be to buy a kit of face features that you stick onto it. I rather like it on the lemon though!

I love this...

Don't want to buy a pumpkin to put a face on?
You don't need one! You can put a cute floating face on just about anything :)
I just love this happy tree creature guy!
Actually it was kind of spooky because across the street there was a school and the lights were flickering heavily inside...this was on my friends street who somehow encounters a lot of spiritual activity both here in the city and at his cottage in Cape Cod.

Anyway, I hope you all had a very fun and safe Halloween!
I had a blast!