Nov 1, 2010

Halloween Happiness

Jeez, I had a bunch of Halloween posts arranged but didn't get around to finishing them...Figures! I always have a dozen or so drafted posts that I rarely get around to sharing.
Well I have some updating to do but here is some Halloween fun to share with you!


I love my pretty pumpkin!
I was very hard up to find a design, I search online for hours for the perfect face or theme but in the end I did what I knew would make me feel good.
A beautiful glowing Omkin would definitely brighten anyone's spirits!
Below the one I carved are three little pumpkins that my daughter decorated. She used crayola markers and Halloween stickers.
Much more than chocolate and candy, I love to see the life of a glowing pumpkin in the night and all of the creativity that Halloween (Samhain) brings.

Another fun way to decorate a pumpkin would be to buy a kit of face features that you stick onto it. I rather like it on the lemon though!

I love this...

Don't want to buy a pumpkin to put a face on?
You don't need one! You can put a cute floating face on just about anything :)
I just love this happy tree creature guy!
Actually it was kind of spooky because across the street there was a school and the lights were flickering heavily inside...this was on my friends street who somehow encounters a lot of spiritual activity both here in the city and at his cottage in Cape Cod.

Anyway, I hope you all had a very fun and safe Halloween!
I had a blast!

Oct 28, 2010


On October 23rd, of 2010,
I was a vendor at the Dia De Los Muertos Festival of the Arts craft sale. I had so much fun!

There were so many awesome vendors.
I really couldn't pick a favorite so here they are in all of their glory!

Creepy Christine, Kaotic Ekko's Curiosities, Vintage Love, Ludic, Essex Girl, BonesInspired, Undead Clothing, Dont Call Me Sugar, Gruesome Enterprises, The Gnarled Branch, Baby's First Boo!, Black Currant Jewelry, Carmi's Art, Zirco Circus, Postart Blooming Collective, Clockwork Zero, Titania's Treasures, Curious Oddities, Ruffles & Stripes, Fangs N' Hiss, My Ghoul Friday,
Loca Leopard Lady Inc., Beat Black, Embody Clothing, MaKay & Hung, Kozo Studio, Cherry Bomb Vintage, Ransack The Universe, Lucky You, Fashion Whore Couture, Pixie Fashions

Here are a few items I made for the sale!

wrapped bangles wire wrapped beaded bracelets

Iron on Tee Raffle Donation!

wrapped wire and bead ring fuzzy compact mirrors

beaded ornaments

I think that's it for now but I'll keep you posted!

To Vendors of Dia De Los Muertos Festival of the Arts
I apologize if there are any mistakes in the links/websites! If you see something wrong let me know I will happily change and problems :)

Sep 17, 2010

Craft Tip #3

Craft Tip # 3
Save your scraps for your little ones art projects!
Give them a canvas, the scraps and some glue and let them go nuts!

Sep 4, 2010

Project deadlines.

Feeling a little more organizational than I have been in the last few months, I make a somewhat tidy little list of things to make for my upcoming sale. This pretty much speaks for itself.

They make everyone a little crazy. But still, "A goal is a dream with a deadline." And that's what makes it fun too!

Aug 11, 2010

Craft Tip #2

Craft Tip #2
Never fix a project with super glue while in a rush or in a moving vehicle!

Jul 29, 2010

BonesInspired on Twitter!

Well, I have finally succumbed to Twitter!
Receive instant up to date craft news!
Keep on Crafting on!

Jul 19, 2010

Dun dun dun dah!

Here's another cool crafting community! Weee! I'm on a roll tonight. I can't believe I've never heard of Cut out + Keep before...Ladies and gentlemen, let's get crafting!

Want Your Crafts Rated?

It's late, I am bored and I like to look up crafty you get that? Do you get those days where you are completely lacking motivation and waste the day completely uninspired?
On those days, it is when you should be getting to bed that BAM! You are hit by a wave of creativity...or if you are too tired and lazy, you look for hours at other people's creativity.

Anyway, the diy network is a good source of inspiration and I just bumped into their Rate My Craft gallery! How awesome is that? I should post some things that I've crafted and if fact, so should YOU! I hope to see your work there! Enjoy lovelies!

Jul 10, 2010

Summer lovin' and crafting galore!

Hello everyone!
I just got back from camping and our family vacation to Kissimmee, Florida to see the whimsical worlds of Disney. So, I am very well rested and right back to work! The Dia De Los Muertos Festival of The Arts is coming up in October and I have so many things to prepare for my booth.

In the last few days I have been working on a lot of rockin' recycled magnets, which has been amusing to see what I can find in my stack of old mags. When I post pictures the magnets will be happily displayed on my thrifted magnet display-which only cost me an awesome and well spent 2 dollars!
I have also been working half-assed on some button up scarves. So far I have two or three started and no where near finished. Both are crocheted, one is a shell stitch and the other a nice bubble stitch with some fluffy yarn.

Some of the other things on my to-do list include:
designing BonesInspired shirts for the raffle
finish designing sugar skull template
make more rockabilly themed jewellery
revamp wallets and purses w/ leopard prints
sewing up a storm!

I recently bought a new camera because the last one finally kicked the ol' bucket, so look forward to some awesome pics of my latest work!
(Can you tell that I am very please with my new Canon?!)

Bye for now and remember:
"Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration. "
Thomas Edison

Apr 23, 2010

Some yarn...weee!

One of my stashes of yarn...mostly acrylics.
When I am more skilled in crochet, I will buy nice wool and yarn. Until then I'll stick with my donated stuff.


Apr 7, 2010

Alice In Craftsterland Swap

Hi everyone! I finally have something new to post! (Actually things have been piling up and I have a lot of posting to do!)
I have been a lifelong fan of Charles Dodgson's novels, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.
The adventures have been read by so many, and adored by all and Alice's Adventures have definitely been one of the most influential and creative stories of all time.
and last month, I participated in a very fun swap dubbed "Alice in Craftsterland." on
Here are the Alice themed goodies I made for my swap partner. She lives all the way in New Zealand and she hasn't received her package yet but I hope she likes it!

The whole Package

The White Rabbit

Mad Hatter & Pocket Watch Magnets

Tiny Alice Craft Bag

And last but Certainly not Least,
(I apologize for the blurriness!),
An Upcycled Alice Bookmark.

Original drawings by Sir John Tenniel.

I had a lot of fun doing this swap and I look forward to participating more often because it is a sheer joy for me to create and give things to other people. I must admit that it's also a lot of fun to receive lovingly handmade, crafty packages.
We may live across the world and have different skills but through swaps we are able to connect to others in a seriously creative and inspiring way.

With permission, I will post the really fantastic items that I received from my partner and perhaps she would answer a question or two for me. We'll see!

Until next time,
"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Theodore Roosevelt.

Mar 27, 2010

Craft Tip #1
Keep cereal boxes and record covers to use as simple, yet durable sewing patterns.
You can also use the boxes for recycled notebook covers!


Craft Tip #1
Keep cereal boxes and record covers to use as simple, yet durable sewing patterns!

Mar 3, 2010

National Craft Month!

Hello everyone!
Did you know that March is National Craft Month?
Isn't that just too cool?

So many people are participating and celebrating their craftiness in so many different ways.
What will you do for National Craft Month?

Here are some ideas:

Visit your local craft store
Learn a new Craft
Teach someone your crafting skills
Try being a part of a craft swap
Donate unused supplies to schools or shelters
Craft in Public!

Whatever it is that you choose to do,
have fun making something with your own two hands

Happy Crafting Everyone!

Feb 17, 2010

Yay! I think I've found the perfect blog template...for now anyways ;D

Craft Sale-ing Away.

I just realized that I never got around to posting any pictures from my first craft sales!
I'm in the talks of doing a fourth in October, the Dia De Los Muertos Festival for the Arts so I was inspired to take a look back at my first sales and catch up on downloading/uploading pictures.

Creator's Marketplace Show and Sale on May 31st, 2009.

Craftzilla at Kathedral
December 5th, 2009

Yes, that is a zombie Santa that I am posing with along with his little helper.

There was a third sale, the Under 30 Craftsale but I can't seem to find any pictures from it at the moment...stay tuned.
We'll get up to date asap :)

Happy Crafting Everyone!

Jan 26, 2010

New threads and Contest Announcement!

Oh the crafty goodness that thrifting brings! This photo does not do the colors justice but I just had to share my latest, and best thrift store find.

Neon Threads!

All the threads you see here for only 2.49! at the old VV (Value Village)
I just can't wait to use these threads to embellish some of my work!

Now to get down to business.
I really would love to receive some feedback from my readers so I decided it's time for a
I personally LOVE to shop at thrift stores and receiving people's "hand-me-downs".
When I was young I used to think that people who shopped at thrift stores had to be poor and desperate people and was ashamed that that's often where my parent's took me to shop.
As I've grown, I've learned how great thrift stores actually are.
Thrift shops and second hand stores usually donate profits to local charity's or not-for-profit organizations and offer a chance for you to support your local community and keep a TON of unwanted goods from spending the rest of eternity in a landfill.
Not only that, but nowadays second hand stores and thrift stores are filled to the brim with real designer labels and clothing that has almost never been worn.

You never know what treasures you'll find when you are thrifting and that's exactly what this contest is about!

Contest Details:

Post a comment with your best, latest thrift store find and
February 14th, 2010 at 12pm I will randomly select the best comment.

The person with the best thrift store find will win a brand new limited edition

BonesInspired T-shirt!

All right, if this won't get you posting I'm not sure what will...contest countdown starts....NOW!
Happy thrifting everyone!

P.S Over the next week I will most likely be changing the look of my blog again so don't panic if it looks different or you can't recognize it.
I want the blog to look the best it can :)

Jan 19, 2010

Beer Cozy Tutorial

This cozy is made with reclaimed purple suede from a vintage high waisted skirt.
Using the bottom hem of the skirt as the top of the cozy,
I managed to save the original lining to use as the lining for the cozy. No fuss no muss!

The Om symbol is an iron on transfer that I printed out. Around it I stitched on a crochet chain.

I would rate this project a 2 out of 5 in terms of difficulty.

-Favorite canned drink
(to work a pattern off of.)
-Measuring tape
-sewing gauge
-tailor's chalk
-sewing pins
-iron on transfer
-crochet hook
-sewing machine

1. Measure the circumference of the can and the height of the can.

Measurements for my Cozy
8.25"(Circumference)x 6.75"

2. Add your seam allowance of .5" with your sewing gauge and chalk

new measurements:

3. Cut a rectangle out of the desired fabric with these measurements.
This will be the body of the cozy.

4. trace around the bottom of your can.

5. draw your seam allowance (half-inch) around the circumference with your sewing gauge.

6. Find the image that you want online or in photo albums

7. Reverse the image in a simple online photo editing website,
(My favorite for that would have to be

8. Print onto iron-on transfer paper.

9. Iron the transfer image onto a piece of scrap t-shirt material.
and cut a small border around the transfer image.
Next, sew the image onto the body of the cozy.

10. Sew up the two sides (right sides together!) to make the cylindrical shape.
11. Flip the fabric tube inside out.

12. Sew around the bottom, right sides together with a half-inch seam allowance. Don't forget to take your time!

13. Take whatever thread, string or yarn you want to use and crochet a chain the length around your image.

14. Sew it on with matching thread and you're done!

C&C always welcome!

Jan 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!

I hope that the cold weather hasn't been getting you down!
If it has though,

Don't pout! Let's craft away our winter blues!

Upcoming Tutorials

Recycled Crayons
Upcycled Notebooks and Notepads
Beer Cozy's!

Did you make any of the holiday crafts from my favorites list?
Did you make any crafty new years resolutions?
If so post a comment! I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time Crafters,
Don't run with Scissors!