Jul 29, 2010

BonesInspired on Twitter!

Well, I have finally succumbed to Twitter!
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Jul 19, 2010

Dun dun dun dah!

Here's another cool crafting community! Weee! I'm on a roll tonight. I can't believe I've never heard of Cut out + Keep before...Ladies and gentlemen, let's get crafting!

Want Your Crafts Rated?

It's late, I am bored and I like to look up crafty you get that? Do you get those days where you are completely lacking motivation and waste the day completely uninspired?
On those days, it is when you should be getting to bed that BAM! You are hit by a wave of creativity...or if you are too tired and lazy, you look for hours at other people's creativity.

Anyway, the diy network is a good source of inspiration and I just bumped into their Rate My Craft gallery! How awesome is that? I should post some things that I've crafted and if fact, so should YOU! I hope to see your work there! Enjoy lovelies!

Jul 10, 2010

Summer lovin' and crafting galore!

Hello everyone!
I just got back from camping and our family vacation to Kissimmee, Florida to see the whimsical worlds of Disney. So, I am very well rested and right back to work! The Dia De Los Muertos Festival of The Arts is coming up in October and I have so many things to prepare for my booth.

In the last few days I have been working on a lot of rockin' recycled magnets, which has been amusing to see what I can find in my stack of old mags. When I post pictures the magnets will be happily displayed on my thrifted magnet display-which only cost me an awesome and well spent 2 dollars!
I have also been working half-assed on some button up scarves. So far I have two or three started and no where near finished. Both are crocheted, one is a shell stitch and the other a nice bubble stitch with some fluffy yarn.

Some of the other things on my to-do list include:
designing BonesInspired shirts for the raffle
finish designing sugar skull template
make more rockabilly themed jewellery
revamp wallets and purses w/ leopard prints
sewing up a storm!

I recently bought a new camera because the last one finally kicked the ol' bucket, so look forward to some awesome pics of my latest work!
(Can you tell that I am very please with my new Canon?!)

Bye for now and remember:
"Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration. "
Thomas Edison