Oct 8, 2009

Sweater-Scarf Tutorial!

Oh So Simple Sweater-Scarf tutorial

First, find an old, tightly knit sweater with a funky pattern or colors that you think might look nice as a scarf. This patterned black and white sweater is what I chose:

Start cutting off the sweater ribbing and the sleeves so that it looks like this:

*Don't forget to keep the ribbing for later!

Now, cut up the sides and lay it out flat again.

Cut on the top shoulder seam and around the neck ribbing.

You can use either the front or the back of the sweater as you only need one half to complete a scarf. I chose the back of this sweater. Cut the back of the sweater into a big square.

Cut the square evenly into smaller squares or rectangles.
At the bottom you can see that I saved a small rectangle from the scraps of the previous step.

Time to start sewing your scarf!
To get a cute fringe type seam, sew the pieces wrong sides together into a long chain.

Now, find the sweater ribbing that you cut off earlier and trim it
a tiny bit smaller than the width of the scarf.
Sew it on right sides together to tidy up the ends.

Weee! They look exactly like sweater sleeves!

It's almost finished!

Fold the scarf length-wise in half, right sides together and sew up the seam.
You can pin it or just match up all the little seams as you sew.

Last, but certainly not least, slowly turn your scarf right side out.
Pull the ribbing to the left, over the the inside-out scarf and pull the scarf out with your right

Finally, here are two finished reclaimed sweater scarves. I just love the way they look! They feel fantastic too.

Well that's it I hope you find this tutorial helpful and Please feel free to post photos of your brand new sweater scarves!
I'd love to see them!

Until next time,
Happy Crafting Everyone!