Sep 29, 2009

*Sweater Scarf Recon Tutorial*

Coming Soon!
How to make a rocking new scarf from a retro 80's sweater!
In a day or so I will post my first tutorial with plenty of pictures on how to turn that tacky, 80's tight knit sweater, into a hot new scarf! There has been a small delay putting this tutorial together as while working on my second sweater scarf, I got distracted by a noise and managed to sew through my nail and nearly right through my finger.

See it's not as gory as one might imagine but one of the lovely nurses from Telehealth has informed me that I'd better go get a tetanus shot since I am breastfeeding and could potentially pass on tetanus to my daughter. Has this ever happened to you? I'm just glad I didn't have to wrestle with the machine to get my finger out LOL. Anyways, bear with me folks! I promise it will be worth the wait :D